Today’s medical world is concerned about elevated amounts of estrogen that may cause catastrophic diseases but they are not measuring total estrogen, which includes adrenal estrogen.

The medical world recognizes the production of three main types of estrogen, which are estradiol, estrone and estriole.

Estradiol production is prominent during a woman’s reproductive years.

Estrone production is prominent during pregnancy and is produced in large amounts by the placenta.

Estrone production is increased during menopause.

My clinical observations in animals, after measuring total estrogen in over 100,000 cases of canines and felines without ovaries or testicles that had been surgically excised, I observed clinically that those canines and felines with autoimmune diseases and cancer, were all producing very large amounts of estrogen from their adrenal glands.

Since these patients had no ovaries and therefore no ovarian estrogen being produced, the Zona Reticularis of the adrenal cortex was producing adrenal estrogen.

Also the health care professionals for humans that were interested in my clinical observations in canines and felines tested their autoimmune and cancer patients that were post menopausal for total estrogen, which included adrenal estrogen and found that all their human patients had elevated amounts of total estrogen.

National Veterinary Diagnostic Services actually provides an adrenal estrogen test that originally was called a total estrogen test but because there was no ovarian estrogen present due to surgical excision, they changed the name of the test from total estrogen to adrenal estrogen

The human laboratories also have a total estrogen test, which they believe only totals the amounts of estradiol, estrone and estriole.

I would suggest if these human laboratories would measure the sum total amounts of estradiol, estrone and estriole and then compare their results with the sun total from total estrogen, they might realize that adrenal estrogen is being produced in large amounts in human patients that have an autoimmune disease or cancer.

If you Google, The Results of an International Conformance for MD Oncologists, Regarding Dr. Plechner’s Findings, for Many Different Chronic Human Diseases you will see the three patient’s elevated total estrogen values, including the endocrine immune imbalances that the total estrogen had caused, affecting the two women with metastatic cancer and one woman with an autoimmune thyroiditis referred to as Hashimoto’s Syndrome.

Once their endocrine immune imbalances were corrected, all three patients improved dramatically, including a reduction and disappearance of the metastatic cancer lesions.

My question for you and your health care professional is, if you have an autoimmune disease or cancer, why not have your total estrogen measured which includes adrenal estrogen?

Total estrogen might be the cause of your disease.

Why not at least have it measured?

What are the many factors that may lead to an elevated total estrogen that also includes adrenal estrogen?

The following is a list of some of those factors that may cause elevated amounts of total estrogen;

, Genetics

. Stress

. Anesthetics

. Surgery

. Phytoestrogens

. Xenoestrogens

. GMO foods

. Chemical

. Insecticides

. Household cleaners

. Medications

. Vaccines

.  And many different types of environmental insults

How do these factors cause the production of elevated amounts of total estrogen, which includes adrenal estrogen?

These various factors affect the production of normal amounts of active adrenal cortisol from the middle layer adrenal cortex, referred to as the Zona Fasciculata.

These factors may cause a cortisol imbalance resulting in the production of a deficient, defective or bound cortisol.

Normal cortisol works in a negative feedback mechanism with the hypothalamic-pituitary axis.

Once the normal cortisol has completed its function in the body of the patient and is broken down in the liver and the end products excreted by the kidneys, the lower amount of natural, active cortisol stimulates the negative feedback mechanism which causes the hypothalamus to release its hormone CRF, which causes the pituitary gland to release its hormone ACTH, which stimulates the middle layer adrenal cortex to release more active cortisol.

One or more of these factors may have damaged the type and amount of cortisol production casing the cortisol to become imbalanced and the cortisol will now not be recognized as active cortisol by the hypothalamic-pituitary axis.

When this happens, the hypothalamus and pituitary glands will continue to release their hormones in hopes of causing the release of more active cortisol, which will now not happen.

Instead, now the inner layer adrenal cortex referred to as the Zona Reticularis responds to the CRF and ACTH in a direct feedback mechanism and produces excessive amounts of adrenal estrogen and adrenal androgen.

NOTE: This article will not discuss the medical problems that may be created by the production of excess amounts of adrenal androgen.

What are some of the profound medical effects that elevated amounts of adrenal estrogen may cause?

. Elevated amounts of adrenal estrogen will bind the receptor

   sites for the patient’s use of triiodothyronine (T3) and

   Thyroxin (T4)

. It will cause inflammation of the endothelial cells that line all

   the arteries in the patient’s body.

. When exposed to normal tissue in a Petri dish, estrogen will

   cause that tissue to grow at an uncontrolled rate.

. Elevated adrenal estrogen also deregulates the immune

   system so that the B and T lymphocytes no longer protect the

   patient for bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi.

. It cause the immune system to lose recognition of self tissue

   and may be one causes for developing an autoimmune


. Elevated adrenal estrogen causes the B-Lymphocyte to reduce

    its production of antibodies referred to as immunoglobulins.

    When this occurs and the mucous membrane antibody

    referred to as IgA is reduced below a certain level, many

    different types of medications and supplements will not be

    absorbed properly through the gut wall.

    My clinical observations have indicated that for proper

    absorption to occur in canines and felines, the IgA level must

    be at 58 mgs./ dL or higher for proper absorption to occur.

    In humans for proper absorption to occur, the IgA level must

    be at 68 mgs./dL or higher.

Besides asking your health care professional to check  your levels of total estrogen the following is a list of blood tests that your health care professional might also include with the standard tests that he or she recommends;

. Cortisol

. Total estrogen

. Estradiol

. Total T3

. Total T4

. Reverse T3



. Iodine

. Tyrosine

. IgA

. IgM

. IgG

The MD’s that are using this protocol daily for their patients are finding that this endocrine immune imbalance is producing elevated amounts of total estrogen which includes adrenal estrogen and may be the cause of many different catastrophic diseases that are occurring in humans.

Hopefully this article suggests that total estrogen that includes adrenal estrogen, should be measured in all patients, whether human or animal, in order to properly identify and treat an endocrine immune imbalance that may be the cause of autoimmunity and cancer.


Dr. AL Plechner