June 21, 2008 - March 28, 2017

In Loving Memory of my dear Shasta, the world is a lot less bright without you in it, but I know you are running around and have your energy and sight back enjoying all the sights and smells you love so much! You brought your daddy and me so much happiness for almost 9 years. It never would have been long enough, but your legacy will go on through Dr. Plechner's SARDS research and our 2 Hearts Animal Haven rescue. You were very special and made everyone who met you smile. You will be so greatly missed my love bug! xoxo

Shasta was an Alaskan Malamute/German Shepherd mix and was five years old when she suddenly went blind. She was diagnosed with SARDS, (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) by a local veterinarian and confirmed by an Ophthalmologist. There was no cure or treatment known to mainstream veterinarians.No known cause.  I was told to go home and learn how to cope with a blind dog and hopefully she would acclimate to her condition without too much difficult. Well she was only five years old and a very active, large dog, so her blindness caused her depression. I started researching her condition and found Dr. Plechner's research. Thank God I did! He was located more than six hours away from me, but I didn't care. My dog had a condition that only he knew how to treat, so off I went the next day, in a car with Shasta. My best friend Jenni, put us up in a swanky hotel near the animal hospital, and both my besties greeted me at the hospital. Shasta had her first treatment that day and we were loyal patients of Dr. Plechner ever since. If I never said "Thank You" before, I thank you now, Jenni and Vicki for all you did for me on that day!

Dr. Plechner gave me almost four more years with Shasta and I am thankful for finding him, trusting him, and learning about his theories because it affects more than just SARDS patients, but a plethora of other illnesses and conditions that mainstream vets have not even scratched the surface on. To find out more about his work and research, please refer to our Dr. Plechner's Corner tab on this website.

To read more about Shasta's condition and treatment, please refer to Shasta's Blog and Facebook page as SARDS

is a symptom of an even more serious underlying condition and comes with many hurdles that Dr. Plechner's

website can help with. Shasta's Facebook page along with Dr. Plechner's website and Facebook pages have

many success stories included besides Shasta, so I encourage you to read through both sites and his material on SARDS.