Bair was Brad and Stacy Smith's yellow lab. All he really wanted to do is play catch and swim! He was a loving family dog and enjoyed his backyard swimming pool for years. The Smith's had a short stint in a house without a pool and Bair was sad in the summer. When they bought their new house with a pool, we'll never forget the day they moved in. It was a very hot August day and as we pulled up with all the trucks and cars full of stuff, Bair bee-lined for the backyard and jumped right in. He swam and swam and swam. A few days later, he ventured off into his new neighbor and crashed someone else's pool party. He ended up doing a stint in jail for that one. 

Not too long after he settled into his new digs, Bair started sneezing. A lot. The Smith's took him to the vet and gave him some meds hoping it was allergies. On October 12th, 2016, when the meds failed to help, they took him in again and received the devastating news that he had nasal cancer. A tumor in his nasal cavity, which is a pretty aggressive type of cancer. They gave him meds to make him more comfortable, but it was heartbreaking to see such a strong, muscular dog, with so much energy and zest for life to submit to this terrible disease. 

This was the day we decided we had to do something for animals. In early January Stacy and I decided to start our own animal rescue. We not only want to help find animals loving homes, but raise money to research cancer in dogs as we've seen too many animals with shortened lives due to cancer in recent years.

On Friday, February 3rd 2017, they called me over and I fed him In n Out Burgers and we cried our eyes out. Bair had had enough, he was uncomfortable, the tumor was very large at this point and they did not want to wait until it started to press against his brain and cause seizures. We said our goodbyes.

53 days later, Shasta passed away as well.

2 Hearts Animal Haven is dedicated to Shasta and Bair and our promise is to help all animals find loving homes, research cancer and other illnesses, and educate pet owners on health and nutrition! Because we are their voice and they deserve the best chance at a fulfilling life!